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This review may contain spoilers.

didn’t rewatch just finally ready to say more than a joke about this

i mean volunteering at film festivals and The Dreamers (2003) taught me that films are better when you sit in the front (if you wanna fight me go ahead) because that was an outer body experience. there are so many scenes that blew me away (bathroom transition, upside down view when going to Sweden, trip simulation, panic attacks and so on) and i almost want to cry because for some time i thought i lost interest in cinema (i lose interest in a lot of things over time and i think one day ill just end up liking nothing) but this (and a few good films i saw over the last few days) proved me wrong so im just euphoric. 

i didnt sleep at night because i just felt so unsafe i had to keep my whole body under covers and touch the wall with my back but id definetly watch it at the cinema again ITS WORTH FEELING LIKE SHIT AND NOT SLEEPING AND GOING TO WORK OKAY?!

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