Austin Powers in Goldmember ★★★

Well here it is, the universally maligned final film in the comedy trilogy of spy spoof movies. As we approach 2020 and the early '00s fade further away and we feel even older, this movie becomes more and more outdated and quaint. And yet, timeless. Anyone on the Internet in the 2000s couldn’t escape the quotes from these films. “Scotty Don’t” “How Bout No” and “Groovy Baby” may be the first examples of Internet memes as these lines were regurgitated in the form of YouTube clips, MySpace replies, and soundboards. Anyone remember Soundboards? This movie isn't great overall, but a fun revisit for me as it was a trilogy that was very important to me in my formative years. It's also a time capsule to go back and look at a movie everyone's sorta seen and owned that ugly blue DVD at some point.

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