The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises ★★★★½

What a great ending to the Nolan's Dark knight trilogy. All characters receive a closure. From Bruce Wayne to Gordon, Fox, Alfred, Ra's Al Ghul and the city of Gotham (which is very similar to the Big Apple in this picture) as well as the new characters Bane, Catwoman, Miranda and Blake. Bane is the ideal villain to finish the trilogy. Luckily, he doesn't resemble the Bane from the previous Batman series (Batman and Robin). In this film, not everything is good and bad or strong and weak. Batman himself is going through quite a struggle and Gorden nor Alfred are not as faultless as people think. Because of the many twists in the story, not everyone is who we think they are. in short, top story, super told and solidly acted.

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