It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★★

Movie: It's such a beautiful day
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

"You are forgiven"

The human condition as depicted in such a beautiful way in the movie that no heart can resist the profound impact of this honest art. This is the reason I love cinema. It can move your core. A viewer will need a perfect balance of emotions at the time to watch it. Either he or she can find it completely plain and slow and boring or its tremendous effect can sink them somewhere deep down that they have to take a great amount of time to become sober again. I could not watch anything for a week after it!

The movie is about lost memories, loneliness, insanity, and a lingering fear of death. A person name Bill having some genetic mental disorder. He keeps forgetting people he might have known, places he might have seen, moments he might have lived! He can't keep records what day, week, or month it is. Everything around him makes him sad. Nothing touches his heart. Everything seems futile to him. In the constant fear of death, he couldn't live fully. Isn't he us? We don't live life and yet want to live long! How many of us actually believe that life should not belong but big??

This immortal metaphorical feature has been praised by various critics as an animation of the decade and some other wonderful works of the director as 'World of tomorrow' part one and two would come after it (my all-time favorites). His works collectively have been described as the most influential animation and most essential films of the era. All, who are trying to find 'the meaning of life'( name of another excellent short), try shorts of Don Hurtzfeldt.

The last part of the feature is optimistic and depressing, uplifting and incredibly sad. At a certain point when his mind wipes out every relation, every memory when his whole past becomes blurred, when fear of dying stops to haunt him, he discovers how beautiful the world is.

"His bathmats...are gorgeous. The grain pattern in his cheap wood cabinets vibrates something deep within him.."

At around the end, he meets for the first and the last time to his father who left him and his mother even before Bill was born and forgives him. But he has no memory who the person is and why he forgave him. But he feels nice. Should not we too? Life is too short to have hatred and grudges. So whatever life we have, just for today, for now, putting hands over heart, just say to all the struggles, troubles, obstacles, impediments that,

"You are forgiven."

P.s. if you have survived ...Still alive..with hopes.. "isn't it amazing?" I wish you KIND OF A REALLY NICE DAY.

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