The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

A part of me could kind of see why this movie got a lukewarm reception, but the other part was like "What the hell is wrong with you people, this is amazing!" From a pure technical standpoint this is absolute perfection, virtuoso filmmaking, a gorgeous visual feast. And there is also a touching framing story that turns this episodic narrative into a heartwarming love letter to old school journalism... But I do see that the criticisms are valid as well. Indeed, this movie is Anderson at his most self-indulgent. Indeed, the story (or stories, as there are a few of them here) occasionally gets lost behind the plethora of intricate details and puppet theatre-like cartoony vibe. But tell me honestly: do you really go to see a Wes Anderson movie and expect to see anything other than a Wes Anderson movie? No, because this guy is 100% true to himself and his own weirdly specific vision. So yeah, today my "What the hell is wrong with you, people?" side wins. This movie rules and I will probably see it a few more times.

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