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  • La Llorona

    La Llorona

    This is pretty good. Some decent scares and a whole lot of gut punches in the unmasking of cruelties.

    Reminds me of Capone which reminded me of Paterno. I dig Paterno the most but it didn’t have babadooks.

  • Tenet


    The plot of this flick feels like homework at times and the logic is pretty boneheaded. I didn’t know the “M” of this adventure was “M” until it no longer was part of the plot. There’s some cool stuff in here but it’s not really mind meltingly original and shit doesn’t really Pop off  until So late in the game that it’s hard to get exciting again. There’s still some cool stuff here but there’s a lot of baggage.


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  • Dirty God

    Dirty God

    Damn. This one got me. I normally don’t mess with this indie drama stuff but there’s a truth and vulnerability that make this flick especially compelling. It’s a dark watch for sure but there’s a humanity throughout.

  • The Wanting Mare

    The Wanting Mare

    It’s crazy what was achieved. There’s a lot here to appreciate and it’s one of those indies that could really inspire the hell out of more equally creative people.

    I struggled though. It felt like the part of Dark Knight where Did Vicious explains why Batman is being chased to the kid from the Mist but for 90 minutes. I was still down for the ride but got lost and it kept losing me.

    There’s a vape shop in the thank yous if that means anything.