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  • Predators



    Watched this on TV where not even a benign intensive "fuck" can reach the fragile ears at home but any worthless, stupid & evil rape jokes are getting beamed at you direct. Keep up the heroic work, TV-14!

  • Deceived



    Satan tries to dm everyone through their seti@home installs and Col. Gossett, Jr. has a subordinate trained in deadly top secret psionics for some reason, but it's so boring!

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  • Sadako vs. Kayako

    Sadako vs. Kayako


    my top 5 most wanted horror vs horror movies

    5. Rumpelstiltskin vs The VVitch
    4. Candyman vs Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula (must have this exact title)
    3. Gremlins vs Ghoulies vs Beasties vs Critters vs the gnome from Cat's Eye vs The Pit vs The Brood
    2. Don't Look Now vs God Told Me To
    1. Maximum Overdrive vs Tremors

  • 0.5mm



    This wiped me out. Unsparing, so the elderly aren't magical lessons, but whole & broken, deteriorating people, for whom aging is agency & desire dwindled to the immaterial & unrealized, and these needs are ever-immediate, not receding, not unstuck & out of time. And it's so outrageously funny--Sawa bundles old men into her mercenary care arrangements with flurries of confusion & threats & blackmail. But she's a vital reciprocating presence in lives that have gone without, and out of her strong arm initiations comes this rough…