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Diogo Vila Verde

I watch movies. I watch series. Sometimes I like them. Sometimes I don't.

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  • Inception


    To start off, I have to say that I'm a little biased towards this movie since I'm a Nolan fan-boy since the beginning and this is my favorite movie of all time.

    Nevertheless, this movie is unprecedented. Sure, you can argue that there are elements taken from the anime movie Paprika but honestly have you really seen Paprika? Because I have, and I have to tell you compared to this movie it's not even in the same planet.

    The complexity…

  • Glass



    Well...this one was a pleasant surprise for me I have to admit.

    After reading all the internet talk about how bad this film was and how Shyamalan shitted the bed once again, I have t say that I enjoyed the film quite alot.

    I understand that for those who were expecting an epic Marvel-type showdown/CGI fight between the protagonists this might've come as a letdown but I think it was a good conclusion to the trilogy. All the protagonists were…

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    Oh wow. This movie is something.

    The importance and use of sound in this film is something unheard-of in the movie industry in my opinion. The way they use it to perfection really took me off guard, I never thought sound could be so much pivotal for a plot. Overall, the story isn't that original (typical monster/survivor movie) but the way it was made and the craft behind it is insanely good: you only need to watch the first 5…

  • The Highwaymen

    The Highwaymen


    This movie is an Interesting shift from the typical Bonnie and Clyde film. This time, we follow the prespective of the policeman that were put in charge to hunt the couple down. This was one of those movies in which it looks good on paper but then the execution wasn't all that great in my opinion. Of course Costner and Harrelson were great as always but the story itself suffered from pacing issues, draggin on and on forever. The movie…