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  • King of Comedy

    King of Comedy


    'It's so dark out there... I can't see anything!'
    'It will become scenic when dawn comes.'

    all is performance, very few films have this much heart

  • Lightning



    'Who's to blame?'

    Tremendously affecting, even by Naruse's standards. So sophisticated and fluid, funny and pungent, conciliating family and your private life, starting to walk your own path, breaking through the net of family while learning not to forget the role you play on their lives. What an extraordinary film.

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  • Roma



    Cuarón's eye is much too bland to be actually seen as paternalistic, a formal approach that may even find a few moments of plastic beauty but is so passively cut-and-dried that the entire film seems to pass by unnoticed in its homogeneous boredom. Forgettable cinema, I didn't find this as offensive as most people I know, but I honestly can't remember being this unmoved or this disinterested by a film in quite a while.

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Insufferably trite, hollow humour allied with an overbearing nihilism, blunt and dumb, a quest for transcendence by immoral means (it tries really hard to turn its immoral perversion into unmoral lack of meaning, but obviously fails, clashing in some kind of empty concept on the meaningless of action in an amoral world and capitalism's drainage of value with the depersonalization of matter in the idea of property, everything showcased with von Trier's usual cynical self-conscious approach, bloated and idiotic). So…