Retribution ★★★★½

probably kurosawa's most expansive film - one can easily descant on the structuralist bias he's aiming for, however everything seems insufficient in comparison to the way he formally constructs each scene, not to mention the amount of semiotics in each frame. everything here looks absolutely stunning (special highlights for the sound design).

it's definitely a work on space, a tragic love story that is so inexorably associated to the architecture surrounding their characters that it's impossible to separate one from another. it's psychological dissociation through a foucaultian gaze: all these forgotten places and our relation to late capitalism real estate (post war north-american influences in japanese culture briefly mentioned with the speech about the sanitarium), imprinting a lévinas-like conception of totality, with the particularity that conscience works here as guilt. heidegger's dasein as raskolnikov would see it, the prominence in existing and being noticed among others. the prominence in not forgetting the space surrounding us.

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