Annette ★★★★

From the moment I heard Carax+Sparks=I was so in! Annette has been a film I've wanted to see for almost a decade.

While I don't think this is Leos Carax best film, it truly is a wonder to watch. It is a myriad of visual flair that weaves magnificently with Sparks composition, and the words feel very meaningful. The runtime flies by as we are challenged with life's quarrels and the complexities of ego and masculinity.

If you are used to Carax's work, this is not a strange experience like most are claiming it to be. He is a provocateur, and Annette challenges you to conform to his style. Driver and Cotillard work very well together, and their devotion to the plot and lyrics can be felt. Poignantly energetic with a few catch numbers.

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