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  • Maniac




    Will rate it, because that's what I do. Was on the lukewarm side of 3 before the 10th episode, and then that hit, and that hit *me.* I think the reason I loved it is because it didn't try to tie everything up in some sort of grand, thematic, TV kinda way. It followed a natural progression. And I loved it for that. Shot on 35mm film. It looks fucking incredible. Again, last episode: cathartic. Holy cow.

  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry



    First saw it when I was 17, on the big screen, and I can't emphasize what a substantial, formative impact it had on me in my nascent filmgoing phase; it stayed with me for days and days. Now with a few more notches under my belt, it somehow registers as more minor, yet still reaffirms that Kiarostami was the greatest contemporary humanist of our time. The compositions seem ostensibly minor, but I see some of Claire Denis's DNA in them. While I no longer consider it a masterpiece, it's still an all-timer for me.

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  • Opening Night

    Opening Night



    Fuck Birdman.

  • Landscape Suicide

    Landscape Suicide



    You know what James Benning does with Landscape Suicide? He makes Errol Morris look like Gore fucking Verbinski. And I *like* Errol Morris.