Manchester by the Sea

got a on and off coen bros feel to it that i really liked. the setting and accents topped it all off

casey shined i can confirm! very lowkey, simp proficient performance. theres a handful of boiling point moments spread throughout that fucking HIT, especially the reveal scene towards the middle which comes out of nowhere and is the equivalent to a disembowelment. (some audible gasps during that police station scene) the stuff with the kid didnt interest me as much cause some of his lines/comedic delivery felt too written and i just wanted to see more of casey simpin. it also felt quite a bit too long tbh but given that the screening was 700 heads sold out and i just cant get comfortable in these damn seats i'll attribute some of it to that. i almost knocked it down half a star because of it but i looked in casey afflecks eyes i couldnt do it. i got a boogie in my ear singin melodies while i wait on my bus i couldnt do it (tell me a boogie dont hit your emotion with this music casey affleck dancing in my head like a ballerina to it)

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