Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

A beautiful, compassionate, bleeding heart of a human story, with some of the most lived-in performances I’ve seen in some time.

The way the story zeroes in to how these characters think and feel is so immediate and exhilarating, in part because we really don’t have a story that centers in on the deaf community in such authentic fashion. So much kudos has to be directed toward Darius Marder, who fashions one of the best directorial debuts I’ve encountered in some time as well. The fact that this originated as a documentary is telling, given the level of specificity at play.

Simultaneously, the film’s construction allows the narrative to strategically drop information about the characters surrounding Riz Ahmed, adding to the fabric of the film’s world so beautifully. It can’t help but allow you to more fully empathize and understand those who are just adjacent to Ruben and the way his plight redefines him.

That kind of empathy is hard to come by in cinema. It’s hard to create. It’s why Marder is clearly someone I’ll be watching closely from now on.

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