• Fear and Desire

    Fear and Desire


    Gotta love that the one thing Kubrick effectively tried to bury is now literal clicks away for anyone around the globe to watch in an instant. Oh, the irony.

    This is exactly what I expected it to be - clunky and amateurish in large stretches, though not without its merits. The use of close-ups throughout are quite evocative and only begin to suggest how a career in still photography could give way to one of the greatest producers of images in all of cinema.

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    What an odd duck…this truly feels like one of the biggest bridge movies I’ve ever seen - carrying over specific imagery and themes explored throughout “Twin Peaks” and marrying that with the structural gambit Lynch would nail just a few years later in Mulholland Drive. It also plays like a demented retelling of Vertigo in parts.

    The trance that Lynch puts you under in his most successful work also tends to go in tandem with an oddly shaped empathy for his…

  • Say Anything...

    Say Anything...


    “I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.”

    I’ve seen this a handful of times now, and I still rediscover just how unique it is with every go. It’s one of those films that just hits you a little differently every time you see it, in the best ways possible.

    This time around, I found the Mahoney/Ione Skye storyline to hit home more than ever, especially when you stop to realize how much the thing is about…

  • Fantastic Voyage

    Fantastic Voyage


    Of course they cast Pleasance as the claustrophobic maniac who can only succumb to the pressure!

    The design is oftentimes fantastic and so absurdly goofy all at the same time - it’s incredible that this likely played like a proto-2001 to audiences in ‘66. Little did they know what was just around the corner.

  • Predators



    Hot take: good!

  • Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

    Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

    That’s a no from me when it comes to Predaliens.

  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    AVP: Alien vs. Predator


    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    Somehow smashes together all the best and worst impulses of both these franchises, and still makes room to give us a team-up between a Predator and our lead character.

    Still, the amount of practical artistry on display, between the sets and the makeup and the creature design…what I wouldn’t give for more of that today.

  • Prey



    The external elements absolutely piqued my interest - it’s fairly novel to set the story in the world it takes place in, and there’s certainly plenty of space for potential.

    But I just found the “engine” (or lack thereof) driving the story to be such a non-starter…a lot of which is due to an admirable attempt on the production’s part to get the details right, so much so that the idea of telling a compelling *story* gets lost somewhere in the shuffle.

    It’s such a shame since the film actually compels visually, at least at times…just feels like so much was left on the table.

  • Allied



    Just a complete mixed bag to me…every shot looks wayyyyy too glossy and touched over for its own good, but I did appreciate that it gets a little more engaging and emotional in its back half.

    It’s especially weird how disposable it ultimately feels…but then again most late-period Zemeckis kinda reads that way.

  • The Last Movie Stars

    The Last Movie Stars


    Honestly could’ve spent another ten hours with Paul & Joanne and their effervescent, achingly beautiful spirit together, both in life and on the screen. Thankfully there’s so much of their lives they put up *on* screen to keep exploring and growing more of an affinity toward.

    Their lives were so enormous and rich and full. And the way Hawke involves himself in this story, opening himself up to his process for understanding these luminous souls - and constantly questioning his instincts…

  • Lenny



    “Talking about it makes you the worst person in the community.”

    To tell the truth is a dangerous game in this country. It can even kill you if you do it long enough.

    I’ll never forget the style and atmosphere that power this thing so thoroughly throughout - but this rewatch foregrounded how much Fosse was trying to push as far away as possible from his own schtick. There’s not a single piece of music throughout that’s not incidental, which…

  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande


    I was ready to write this off by about the mid-point…but then the movie turns around and blossoms into a beautiful, impassioned love letter to the notion of connection, pleasure and finding love for yourself no matter what.

    What a little treasure.