Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

on new years day of this year, my journey in film truly began with my first watch of this. i had been hyping it up to myself because of how perfectly tuned it seemed to my tastes. little did i know that not only would it meet my expectations, it would exceed them and more

but i don't wanna talk about this film rn, as much as i adore it even on my third rewatch. i wanna talk about the director of this film in particular, sion sono, because after i first watched 'love exposure', i threw myself headfirst into his filmography. never before have i been so enraptured by so many creative works of a single artist; how he put every ounce of passion into his themes and direction, his gift for being a b-movie director with extreme arthouse flairs, his over-the-top characters that nevertheless have a deep sense of compassion put into them. as someone like me who longs to be a filmmaker, it genuinely inspires me to see a man like him go all-out with what he loves to do, and has done so for over 20 years

so, in honor of a year that was pretty much defined by him for me, i to ring out the year the same way i started it: watching his magnum opus and a film that genuinely makes me passionate about everything i love in art - and cinema in general. it's truly a special film made by a very special man; my favorite artist of all time.

so thank you sono, because even though this year was tough for me, seeing you put your heart and soul into your projects makes me realize the potentials i have as a fellow filmmaker

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