Vice ★★★★

A tongue-in-cheek, tale of power in the presence of former Vice President Dick Cheney. "Vice" showcases Cheney's time in the Bush Administration and the long term effects that was cemented during his tenure in the White House. Christian Bale completely embodies Dick Cheney as he navigates through Adam McKay's engaging direction and storytelling.

The cast from top to bottom is outstanding, Christian Bale as Dick Cheney is both another example of the actor going beyond the limits of his transformation and completely disappearing into the role. Bale gives Cheney a sense of menace and pride that makes his character of Cheney that more captivating and terrifying as someone who had that much hunger for power and control, whether it was for the good of America or the system.

Bale is surrounded by a talented supporting cast from the delightfully devious Steve Carrel as Donald Rumsfeld to the comforting but extremely firm Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney. Sam Rockwell plays George W. Bush and while he is not in the film as much as expected, he still adds enough to the performance to be as impressive to Bale's interpretation.

The storytelling is very much like "The Big Short" where they'll be sequences with quick cutting, incorporating real life images and utilizing non-literal scenes that feature characters true intentions. Adam McKay continues his sharp direction through the editing of the film and capitalizes on Cheney's time in office with key elements that are cleverly set into motion throughout the piece.

"Vice" is a unique spin on a story of a man who went beyond the powers of the Vice President to act as a shadow chief and commander of the United States of America.

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