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  • Sinister



    This movie wasn’t really...bad...just really really mediocre. It does have decent first 20 min. and does build up the tension pretty well. The dialogues are surprisingly fine for the most part...but not really good either. The thing which made me a bit mad was that the story was actually really predictable and dumb. Halfway through I already knew how it will end.

    Also the first hour (actually the whole movie) was insanely repetitive. The scares aren’t satisfying at all.

    Not really worth watching

  • Climax


    “God is with us”

    “Climax” is a unique experience. Something of it’s own kind and it’s very hard to rate this.

    It’s an insane, crazy horror film. It’s full of long takes. It feels like the camera is SATAN. It blinks and watches everyone going slowly crazy.

    Yeah what can I see else. It’s one of those love or hate movies. For some it can be repetitive. For some it may be a masterpiece. For some it’s just “hell”. The…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    We won‘t get something like this for a long long time. I‘m speechless...

    The last hour of the movie was flawless in my eyes. It was probably the most depressing hour in a movie...ever? How scorsese works with silence and cinematography is something no director can do. I had very very very high expectations and the movie was even much better than I thought. It‘s a masterpiece in every way.


  • Braveheart



    “Braveheart” is the most epic, brutal, beautiful and saddest movie I‘ve ever seen. No words can make this film justice. Mel Gibson gives an astonishing performance and the fight scenes are marvelous. The movie gets better and better and better and at the end you‘re left speechless. You will cry, cheer, be shocked and heartbroken at the same time. The score from James Horner is the most beautiful thing I‘ve ever heard. This is how you do music! I cry every time I listen to it.

    "They can take our lives but never take our freedom"

    For me this is the best movie ever...