Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★★½

Yeah it’s great. The performances in this are my favorite part and it’s also a stunning film.

But it took a while until it got really interesting for me. They definitely rush the relationship a lot more than I thought and the film time jumps also a lot more than I thought. It was a bit hard to believe they got older, because they literally just change their beards and all that stuff. After the first 30 minutes, that I personally found tough to get through, it got more conflicted and interesting. Before that you’re just nodding around “yeah great acting, but I know in which direction it’s going” and that feeling never left me. It’s a predictable film and by no means it’s a bad thing, but the film doesn’t do a lot interesting stuff in my opinion to really make me care about what going on in the first 30 minutes.

After that “Brokeback Mountain” really became into a great film. The performances got even better and the dialogue is kinda fantastic. You still know in which direction this film goes, but you don’t know, if it’s going to be a good or bad ending for each character. How the film ended was really well made.

I also was impressed how great the side characters were, except Anne Hathaway. Her performance was fine I guess? She totally didn’t fit to her role in my opinion and Michelle Williams instead did a fantastic job.

I do get the hype, I think it’s great and maybe when I’m in a better mood I would like this more, but gosh I don’t feel like this film will stick with me, because apart from the acting and cinematography nothing really stood out for me that much

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