Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

When lightning strikes a meadow.

“Sound of Metal” was my most anticipated film since it was announced. A character study about a man that goes deaf. I expected a lot from this film, I expected it going to be another “Whiplash” or another “The Wrestler”. What I didn’t expect is what this film ended up being.

Already the opening sequence sucks you right into the film, with phenomenal lighting and sound. Opening with a loud thunder and then giving us a sudden shift of silence. He wakes up next to the woman he loves and his daily routine begins. But something is off.

One of the biggest criticism with movies of this kind is how they quickly develop into mainstream Oscar bait or into an unsubtle mess that thinks it hits the right spots. This film succeeds to make a firstly, in my opinion, more or less unsympathetic man to a character we care about. We care about his problems and his relationship. This character relies on many different things in his life, he *needs* to hear, he can’t sit down in silence and write, he can’t just take his time. He wants to go on with drumming.

One of the biggest reasons why this film succeeds so well into us caring about the main character and his problems is of course the writing, but mostly the fascinating and unique sound design. It would be criminal, if the sound design for this film doesn’t win an Oscar. It’s easily one of the best sound designs in a film I’ve ever heard. It makes the film even fun to watch, it’s not purely there to show off. Genuinely perfect sound design.

But for me the best merit of this film is the silence and the real character study of a man searching peace with himself. The choose of silence was absolutely beautiful. When the sun is shining through a tree or when we see the grass moving in the wind. It’s utterly peaceful.

“Sound of Metal” is a moving and peaceful film, that is an incredible character study with a maybe career best performance by Riz Ahmed. I can’t recommend it highly enough

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