The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★½

Trying to watch this in the eyes of the people that were lucky enough to watch “The Empire Strikes Back” in theaters back in 1980 - a time where everyone was waiting to see how the story continues - is just a dream, but a wonderful thought. The space epic “Star Wars” is undoubtedly a masterpiece of it’s own kind, an exciting beginning of a journey with heart and soul with quite possibly one of the greatest finals of all time. So how on earth do you follow up such a phenomenal film? The sequel has to be a disappointment right?

I can’t imagine how many theories and hype there must have been for this film. Just one more day until it gets released in theaters, maybe they read how it’s the best film of all time in the newspaper already, stepping into the theater sitting with multiple fans waiting for the film to start.

I wish I was alive on that day. I don’t think such an experience exists nowadays. The new Star Wars films appeared to cause more outrage than love, a Disney product that lacked everything that made the original trilogy to the classic it’s today. The battle of good and evil and controlling the force. Trying to make peace within yourself and never attack. Hate and anger are powerful and seductive, but the dark side never wins. Nowadays we get monologues and exposition that mean literally nothing. There’s no message they’re trying to deliver nor did these movies show any build up of a cohesive story. Cameos and cameos, trying to get us back the old feeling, but they fail miserably. “Rise of Skywalker” is not only the most empty moneymaker of all of them, but it also lacks any soul. It’s a Reddit film.

In “Empire Strikes Back” every character gets the screen time and storyline they deserve. It’s a surprisingly complex story of betrayal, love and even darkness. Every storyline comes together perfectly at the end with the greatest twist of all time.

The production design of this final battle is stunning. The lighting in that scene is perfectly dark and the lack of music gives us a dangerous and even hopeless feeling. The lightsaber battle is fantastic, the struggle to fight against the dark side is perfectly captured and the film owns this scene in every imaginable way. The twist isn’t seen as a twist nowadays, but the “I’m your father” scene still doesn’t fail to give me goosebumps.

Also should I mention how this film gets more and more beautiful as it goes along? The last 30 minutes of this film is the most beautiful a Star Wars film has ever been before. The red clouds, the Galaxy in the background, even a green sun shining on the edge of the planet. This film tops itself visually more and more and the ending couldn’t have been better.

But the best scene in this film is the kiss before Han Solo gets frozen. I never cared so much about a relationship in a blockbuster that much before and with the stunning red and orange lighting and the music in the background this scene especially is always the highlight for me.

“I Love You...”

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