The Master

The Master ★★★★★

Second viewing.

When I first walked into the theater and saw that there were only about twenty people there, and most of them were elderly couples I immediately thought to myself "When it gets to the naked dancing scene they are going to sprint out of here."

And I was right!

During the film a total of six people (Six people!) walked out. Of those six, three of them were during the naked dancing scene. The rest of them just sat through it and, when it was over, walked out mumbling about how terrible it was.

Me, on the other hand, loved it even more with the second viewing.

It's easily one of the best films about a homosexual relationship ever. The whole singing about how he wants him alone on a slow boat to China. The play wrestling. All of it signaled to this subtle attraction between the two.

It also leaves you with an intense film high. As we were leaving, me and my brother both had this sense of "What the hell is going on?" that lasted another solid two hours.

Also Hoffman and Phoenix not winning the Oscars would be some of the biggest snubs in academy history.

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