The Social Network ★★★★★

Fincher is a genius of the cinematic medium. Every shot was so perfectly crafted and they came together to create an excellent film.

Besides Fincher's direction there were two other aspects of the film that made it brilliant. One is that Soarkin's script is, in my opinion, one of the finest of the last twenty years. The dialogue is so sharp and quick and it fits the characters perfectly. Two is that all of the acting was phenomenal. This is Eisenberg's best role without a doubt. Every aspect of his performance is brilliant. His delivery of dialogue, his physical mannerisms, his asshole demeanor. Everything about it was brilliant.

There was also a wide range of excellent supporting performances as well. Andrew Garfield was perfect throughout the entire film, as was Armie Hammer. But in my opinion there were two real scene-stealers. The first was Rooney Mara who, although she was only in two scenes, knocked it out of the park. And then, of course, there was Justin Timberlake. What a performance. There's nothing else to say besides the fact that it was excellent.

Love this film.