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  • The Valley of the Bees

    The Valley of the Bees


    "I have no family. I serve no mortal."
    "Then why are you looking for your brother?"

    All you know and all you are taught is to devote yourself to God and the Order, but suddenly a man enters your life. You think you love him, but how? He was forced into the Order, but you try to make him see, to get him to love it the way you do and to share that together. It doesn't work - there's…

  • The Singer Not the Song

    The Singer Not the Song


    β€œI thank thee... most merciful father...”

    A slow (but deliberate) start leads to an exploration of faith and philosophy which may be what the β€œmain” intention was (or at least what the movie was sold as at the time) but all the while an impossible love between a priest and an evil man is at the forefront- disguised behind both love for god and love for a woman. I hesitate to call this a completely resistant reading since between the…

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  • Bird Talk

    Bird Talk


    if xawery ΕΌuΕ‚awski's goal was to use this film as both homage to and personal reckoning with his father by making something more impenetrable than anything i've seen by andrzej - which is saying a LOT - .... well. he succeeded. the ending defies literally everything and i guess is the perfect send off (combined with all the other scenes of the fake-andrzej character) to someone like his father. as for everything else...... i dont even know girl.

  • My Brother's Wedding

    My Brother's Wedding


    The pure kinetic energy in all of the shots of running... unparalleled and no wonder it’s featured in the poster

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