Suspiria ★★★★

i made a post with my scattered thoughts elsewhere but idk what else to write so ill just paste it here

this actually had so much potential but it was held back by luca guadoagioano’s vanity. if he didnt think so highly of himself he actually couldve made a near-perfect horror movie. shoehorning in some attempt at a historical context with the post-war berlin political activism, which is probably what motivated his choice to almost entirely strip the movie of color (if that isnt a slap in the face to the original idk what is), just didnt work at all for me and i was so disinterested in those parts. ending on the epilogue rather than the last act was also such a terrible move because god when the movie is good its so fucking good. the dance scenes the rituals the soundtrack the dream sequences… dakota johnson!!!! its so insanely good. i didnt see the point of the RAF/WW2 subplot at all and it just served to drag out the runtime in what i can only assume was his way of thinking he could make an Important Film out of a classic of the horror genre that wouldve been best if left alone. but still…… Death to any other mother .

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