Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

Let's complain about it having no soul, about it being a product, about it only existing to generate revenue. Let's complain about all those things you already knew before you watched it.

And when we're done complaining, let's talk about this well-crafted piece of entertainment.

In the early nineties I first encountered Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet comic. I was immediately intrigued by this villain and began hunting for old issues of Iron Man and Captain Marvel to get a grip of his storyline.

An interesting side effect of the whole cinematic Marvel avalanche is that storylines and characters in the movies are presented in a more condensed and accessible shape than in the comics, which is only logical as in comics there is simply more time.

What makes Infinity War so successful is that it pushes all its boiled down heroes to the background and makes this film about the bad guy. Now, they only scratch the surface of what Thanos is all about, but they do grasp his essence really well, aided by an excellent interpretation by Brolin. Thanos is a compelling villain, who is given just enough layers to make him truly stand out among the legion of weak and predictable villains in most comic book movies.

These films exist to entertain and it's hard to ignore the smoothness with which it delivers a light-hearted, often hilarious, sometimes thrilling romp through the cinematic universe Marvel has created thus far.

It has its problems, it's sometimes a bit too melodramatic, plot wise there are a couple of annoying inconsistencies, Iron Man appears to be well past his due date (the whole nano thing really is a bit much) and it severely under uses a couple of characters (especially Vision).

But these faulty parts don't make a negative whole as what eventually remains is a solid piece of outstanding entertainment.

And that's more than enough for me.

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