Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II ★★★★★

For some reason many people call this one the weakest in the series and I for one disagree with that completely.

The Back to the Future trilogy is a film series that is engrained on many 80s kids' psyche and I am no exception. These three films have perfect blockbuster qualities, providing harmless yet tantalizing entertainment of the highest level. All three films are of the highest order sporting a perfect balance between humour, adventure and character development. This level of high adventure filmmaking has not been reached many times before or since this trifecta of movie magic.

Within the trilogy everyone has their favourites and I tend to lean towards this one because it is the Dark Horse of the series. It's completely bonkers. The first and the third are essentially the same film, but this film is all over the place. 'Where we're going we don't need roads' seems to have been the mindset with which they made this film. The first time I saw this all those years ago I remember vividly the buzz I got from it going out of the theatre. I felt this more with this film than with the other to and that is mainly due to the frenetic energy that is trapped within this roller coaster ride.

There just seemed to be no limits to what they would be able to conjure up on screen. Considering how it still looks today it is safe to say that it is assuredly a masterpiece on a technical level. Sometimes when watching older films they can feel like time capsules of days gone by, but this film still feels fresh and looks amazing.

It's nuts, hectic, unstructured, over the top, cartoony and silly. And I love it to death.

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