Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

I worry.
About the future. About the life I can provide for my children. About the love I can give to my wife. About the comfort I can give to my students that they'll always have someone that'll listen to them, in spite of these times of devalued communication.

And then I see this film. And it reminds me, wrapped in the most beautiful and exciting gift wrapping imaginable, what it is to be human. And it forces me to find a new and fresh perspective on what we do with our time in this existence. It forces me to be aware of what you are, what I am, and of the beauty around us. Don't take things for granted.

It takes no effort at all to find fault in something. It takes the greatest effort imaginable to find the ultimate quality of something. Stick with this film and allow its allegorical symbolism and pragmatic humanism to grab its hold of you and you'll realise that you'll have watched one of the best sci fi movies of our times and one of the most profound comments on our species ever. One that is not afraid to say that we as a species are confusing, but in the end really worth it.

This film is unmissable in my opinion.