Boy ★★★★

Film #114 of Make me watch your favourite.
Recommended by ArsenicCatnip.

Films with big hearts like this are difficult to resist. With quirky enthusiasm, Boy gives us a colourful and recognizable slice of the eighties, seen through the idiosyncratic Maori culture in New Zealand.

It tiptoes between the lines of reality and fancy, exploiting the point of view of the 11 year old protagonist to full effect. Everything we see has this hue of a child's fantasy making most of the narrative delightfully offbeat. This will not be to everyone's taste, but it's the type of storytelling I love.

Seeping through its predominantly light tone are some more serious issues, things we as an audience feel will happen. Most of these elements are handled really well and are mostly heartbreaking, but if there's one area where the film misses a beat it is in truly exploring its dramatic potential as it chooses to keep it light most of the time.

The performances are excellent, but the kids are exceptional. The titular Boy and his younger brother are wonderful characters given life by two very talented boys. They are simply irresistible, making it easy to partake in their plight.

Boy is a wonderful little film that deserves a lot of attention.

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