Doctor Dolittle ★½

Part of Dastardly Difficult December: film nr.101

This aired on TV tonight so I thought it would perhaps be a nice comic relief after breaking the December Century. Looked it up here and saw many three star reviews, so with confidence I started watching it.

Let's have a look how that went, shall we?


:-) <----------- hint of a smile at minute 12.

-_^ <-----------first raised eyebrow at minute 21.


I-( <----------- getting increasingly pissed off at minute 40

:'-( <----------- Why God? WHY??? at minute 55


I-X <----------- rage....flames....burning at minute 70

O <------------ Head exploding at minute 75

o_O < ----------- Facial expression during end credits

The one and a half star are for the animals. They made me laugh. Twice.