Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine ★★★★½

A story about two bohemians that, despite being shunned by society as they are deemed to be too 'individual' and their relationship is considered to be unnatural, still want to be together no matter what.

The fact that one of them is a bear and the other a mouse and that this is essentially a children's story is besides the point.

I'm head over heals with this film. Ernest & Celestine is a perfect example of superb storytelling that doesn't shy away from having something to say, without dumbing it down for its younger audience. It is such a common mistake made in, especially animated, films. The mistake of regarding (young) audiences as morons, incapable of putting one and two together. Keeping it simple and dumbing things down are not the same. Ernest & Celestine's message is simple, but it doesn't hammer it home. Instead it lets the story bring it across.

And what a wonderful story it is! Filled with wonderful characters, a rich environment, two irresistible protagonists and a genuinely heartfelt premise. Everything just comes together in the most satisfying way imaginable, all encapsulated by immaculate animation. The art is stunning, with a style that perfectly fits the story it tells.

This film is the ultimate comfort food, a huge mug of hot coco on a chilly winter's day, leaving a fulfilled and warm smile on your face after you've finished it.

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