Friday the 13th ★★

Was this always this boring?

I am a bit disappointed that this didn't age well at all. I appreciate what this film, even though it's riding the coattail of a true classic, has done for the genre, but it is far from a classic. It isn't even a particularly good film. You could even go so far as to say that we have all the shallow, trope ridden, 'ten little Indians' plot inspired films to thank for it.

But still, credit where credit's due, this was one of the first ones and whether I agree with it or not, it has become an iconic film. Many slashers, including, the many sequels to this, are simple derivatives of this film, so in that respect it has earned its marks.

The hammy acting, weak dialogue and superficial characters I can handle, but the poorly paced narrative I just can't. It bored me. Furthermore it is clearly a victim of time, fresh in the 80s, drab paint by numbers afair now. It's like looking at a car you've had for many years and thought beautiful when you bought it. Now, rust is starting to appear, the seats aren't really confortable anymore and you want to get rid of it. That's not the car's fault, time has caught up with it, but that doesn't make you like it any better.

There are of course some good bits, most notably the gore brought to life by the magnificent Tom Savini. Another thing that, suprisingly still worked, was the ending.

I truly wish I had liked this more, or even as much as I did when I first saw it, but that sadly wasn't the case.

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