Get Out

Get Out ★★★

Enjoyable, but in the end unremarkable.

This may seem as a harsh criticism for film so universally praised, but for me Peele's ambitious film suffers from an identity crisis that muddles the effect of what it set out to do.

When the first act was drawing to a close I was really into Get Out. It felt like a superbly handled satire on race relations set against a bizarre and sometimes unnerving backdrop. I felt Peele had a clear vision of how he wanted to bend the very topical theme of strained connections between races in his country and snugly fit it into the horror genre. And for a while he really managed just that.

But once the plot starts to kick in he lost me as Get Out seemed to loosen its grip on its own identity and thus becoming neither fish nor fowl. It takes a lot of courage (unfortunately) to actually tackle the subject Peele wants to tackle, but attack it he does, it's just that he doesn't seem to be sure what his weapon of choice is supposed to be.

From the second act onward he foregoes satire for horror for straightforward comedy for thriller for gore etc. He hops and skips from one idea to the next, never really exploring their potential. The bizarre effect this had on me was that I went from admiration for something really clever or well executed (for example the creepy hypnosis scenes) to raised eyebrows when we are treated to a poorly executed stereotype character (for example, the hero's best friend). This unbalance stole away any potential menace or any concern I felt for the protagonist.

Apart from the uneven tone, the plot is a bit too pedestrian to support its anything but pedestrian intentions. Even though it never really surprised and it is not that difficult to connect all the dots, Peele certainly shows a creative flair on many an occasion, finding cohesion is, unfortunately, not part of his arsenal yet. Really good separate parts do not always make a great whole.

I really appreciate what Get Out set out to accomplish and I'm glad it has clicked with so many people. I wish it had had the same effect on me.