Housebound ★★★★

It shouldn't be surprising anymore that some of the best horror films come from Down Under these days. Housebound is no exception.

Crafted with a brilliantly off beat sense of humour, Housebound is a horror film that is not set out to scare you, but to entertain. It does so by unashamedly relishing in horror conventions, perfectly balancing scares with laughter and gore.

All this works so well because Housebound understands two things really well. You need a good story and you need great characters. And boy does it ever. The mother and daughter are characters that slowly grow on you. Not very relatable at first, but as the story progressed so did my appreciation of them. It even manages to find some genuinely emotional moments.

It has everything to do with a gem of a story. The script is perhaps a tad too long, but the way it unravels is superb. You never really know where it will go next, making every twist and turn a delight and the eventual conclusion a rare treat.

Housebound is a film which will, if you allow it to, completely win you over

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