Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park ★★★★★

Think on this for a second.
1993. Almost twenty years ago. Barely rinsed the cheesy blockbuster entertainment of the eighties out of our mouths. Actually getting used to the so so visuals in most big budget films.

And then Mr. Spielberg comes along and, as he so often does, throws everything on its ass and creates yet another benchmark in the entertainment industry.

I hadn't seen this film in quite some time and I am amazed by how crisp and gorgeous everything still looks. The dinosaur design, the set pieces, everything looks, well, not twenty years old.

Visuals in a film like this are important of course, but here the source material is the real start. Crichton's conceit appeals to something innate in our species. A curiosity to know about our past. There are very few children that do not go through a 'dinosaur stage'. It is our only mutual heritage and I for one still find it fascinating. Going with that idea, Spielberg adds the magic and brings it all to life in a unique action adventure blend that appeals to most ages, is never boring and provides that magical buzz very few films manage to conjure up.

An astounding and superbly entertaining benchmark in film history.

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