Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Well this definitively proves that Rian Johnson just does what he wants and is bloody good at it.

In Knives Out he takes on the murder mystery whodunnit genre and like with almost everything he does, he basically ignores what is expected of him, takes all the genre tropes, jumbles them up and sorts them to his liking, crafting something you recognize while remaining original and surprising.

In Knives Out he messes with the beats a story like this usually follow, exposing nothing when you'd expect him to and revealing things when you don't see it coming. The clever thing is that he doesn't go left where you expect him to go right. No, he goes left alright, just not when and how is expected of him.

Throw in a cast that is having a really good time (with Craig being a firm favourite) and what you end up with is a throwback to simpler times that is as quirky as it is recognizable.

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