Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead ★★★★★

So this really aged well.

I was a bit afraid that with the whole Apocalyptic Running Zombie direction Zombie films were headed this would feel old and tired, but it most assuredly doesn't.

I am not sure if I remember correctly but I seem to recall that Romero was inspired by the novel 'I am Legend' when he was thinking of this film. The feeling of being alone, surrounded by monsters is a strong concept and it is executed to perfection in this film. This is not a full out horror fest most of us are used to. Much like the zombies themselves, it is determined and relentless.

And that's the thing, this film emanates a 'this has never been done before' vibe and it is most present in its villains, its monsters. Romero manages to get under your skin with these single minded, carnivorous corpses that are always there and never stray from their simple goal, eat a much live flesh as they can. I don't know about you, but that freaks me out. Add to that the setting of the old house that is surrounded by these fiends and you're in for some unnerving horror.

Romero is a visionary and perhaps one of the most influential filmmakers in the genre and those closely related to it. He injects a vibrant intelligence in his ideas here and lays a firm foundation for for the two equally impressive sequels.

The film looks gorgeous still and the practical effects are actually rather impressive, certainly given the time in which they were made and the budget. I can only imagine what ruckus this film caused when it was first released.

I really would have loved to have been there.

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