One Hour Photo ★★★★

This is possibly one of the best depictions of a sociopath I've ever seen.

Romanek's film is an intriguing study of the world of a man who does not really have an identity, but finds gratification of his own life in that of others. What makes this film so unsettling is the way Williams portrays him. He really manages to bring across a sense of realness that is truly amazing to watch. His slow descent into his own fantasy intermixed with the real world problems of his targets is paced and structured beautifully.

Romanek is a visual director. He does things in One Hour Photo with colours that are breathtaking to behold. He uses them with strong, bold strokes and thus gives us a film that is as engaging and tense as it is visually stunning.

In the end, though, this really is Williams' film. He is the epicentre of evertyhing and pulls off his role with apparent ease. And that's what makes it all the more convincing. This is not a forced performance where an actor acts creepy, this is one where the artist inhabits the role, making you forget who you're really watching. And for an actor like Williams to achieve that, well, that is a performance that deserves the highest praise.

Mark Romanek should make more films.

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