[REC] ★★★★

Horror films like this thrive when the pacing and build up are good. In [REC] they border on perfection.

What starts out as yet another, all too familiar entry in the found footage genre, steadily turns into something exceptional when things start to go wrong. The plot, even though it is rather commonplace, is driven by an unrelenting and well paced narrative. There is simply no second nor frame wasted on too much exposure or unnecessarily thinly stretched tension.

The camera somehow makes sense here, which is incredibly important in this particular genre. Not only does it make sense, the directors use it cleverly to create suspense and real excitement. There are a couple of scenes that are almost unbearable to watch because the makers of this film understand that in the first person perspective you cannot look away.

It simply is a fantastic and truly exciting example of what the genre is all about.

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