Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

I love how this film manages to do everything all Marvel origin stories have done a gazillion times and manages to get away with it brilliantly.


By not giving a shit and submerging itself 100% in its own vision. See it's one thing to re-tell a story and tell it well, but it's another thing entirely to completely reinvent it. And that it does.

This reiteration into the story of Spiderman revels in one thing, the character, something so many super hero films get wrong. And instead of just rehashing old ideas it instead stretches them to its limits in a flurry of creativity that only comes by every once in a while.

It'd be too easy to ascribe all these qualities to the fact that this is an animated movie, but that would sell the collaborative efforts of writer, directors, actors and animators short. Because that's what this is, a film that is harmonious on all levels.

The tone is set early on in the opening act, betraying a self awareness I can always appreciate. What follows is a long, never boring and at points hilarious introduction to our wonderful protagonist Miles. It is through him we experience the exquisitely paced narrative that manages to entertain, emote and make me giddy with excitement by yet another beautifully animated action sequence.

From the talents that lend their voices to the crisp, gorgeous animation to the unbridled enthusiasm with which the story is presented, I can only come up with one word; perfection.

Plain and simple perfection.

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