The Autopsy of Jane Doe ★★★

This could have been so brilliant.

The build up in this horror film, one that tries to play with the classic haunted house genre, is superb. It opens with a scene that imbues the film immediately with a great sense of mystery. We then cut to the location where the rest of the film will take place, an old crematorium come mortuary run by a father and son. The place oozes character and serves as a fantastic location for a horror film. There is this palpable feel of the dead, strengthened by the first autopsy scene.

There is an unnerving sense of realness to the corpses and the way the outstanding central duo (Cox and Hirsh) move around them. Director Øvredal already proved his visual flair in Troll Hunter and here he confirms it.

Once the titular autopsy starts and the mystery starts to unravel I was 100% invested and rooting for this film to keep up the suspense and classic haunted house atmosphere for the remainder of the film. I was already forgiving it the silly foreshadowing it put on display and the one too many lingering build ups to a jump scare.

But alas, the final act syndrome hits this film full force. It all falls apart in the end when it loses grip of its tone and turns into a rather dull and generic wrap up we all expected but we're hoping not to happen.

Despite its poor final act this is a worthy effort and certainly worth checking out if you're a horror fan.

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