The Dark Knight Rises ★½

I demand being able to press a button when posting a review that says ‘Involuntary Rewatch’ I won’t go into details, but let’s just say it involved a ‘friend’, a ‘movie night’ and the sentence ‘As long as we watch something fun!’ (uttered by yours truly). No, I did not pick the film.

After seeing the Dark Knight Rises the first time in the cinema, I rated it one and a half stars and felt it to be a deeply flawed film. Well, not to my surprise, I still feel the same after this rewatch. I won’t rehash my old review as all I have to say on the film is said there and many others have already worded their problems with this film much better than I ever could.

What did struck me and rubbed me the wrong way this time was the obfuscating bombasity with which Nolan attempts to hide the flaws in a desperate attempt to fool the audience that they’re watching something Epic™. The score, the misplaced dark and oppressive atmosphere that doesn’t hit home because of the weak dialogue and the sometimes fine but often poorly directed big scale action sequences, they all come across like those band aids used for children. You know, the ones with the pretty pictures on them to distract them from the pain.

The script is still its weakest aspect, but I found something else within it that didn’t hit home the first time. Wasted potential. Apparently Nolan based his idea on Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities and there seems to be one scene that captures the potential of that notion and that is the big speech held by Bane after he has taken over the city. That notion, the potential for almost French Revolution-like drama is wasted and squandered in plot holes and ludicrously heavy handed dialogue that tries to capture and evoke an emotional response from the audience. And apparently for most people it worked.

For me it, really, really didn’t though and the amount of credit Nolan seems to have still baffles me to no end.

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