The Double ★★★★

The Double is an Orwellian nightmare, doused in sickly artificial light and imbued with delightfully awkward absurdism.

Ayoade has crafted a film that feels like a scrapbook of his influences all blended together to create his own unique vision of a classic story. While it perhaps does not explore the doppelganger motif as deeply as Dostoyevsky's story, it still makes all the right choices in how it wants to present itself. It's as bizarre as its premise, finding a lot of humour in awkward places. There is always a risk that the more serious and dramatic directions the story will inevitably go, will fall flat because of the tone it sets, but I did not find that to be the case here at all.

Aided by a terrific score and an amazing performance by Eisenberg, Ayoade's film has ended up as a tightly paced, dark, witty and absurd exploration of insanity and identity.