The Eyes of My Mother ★★★★

Best Horror Films of 2016?

Jeez, this film got to me in the worst of ways.

This is the type of horror film that hinges upon how much the audience is willing to allow the atmosphere to get under its skin. Storywise The Eyes of My Mother hardly has any meat on its bones and as this is the case it has to make up for it with something. First time writer and director Pesce goes all out in the style and atmosphere departments and boy does he succeed.

This is an extremely minimalist film (at points a bit too much) that conjures up a tiny universe of monochrome nightmares. Carried by an outstanding central performance we are taken into the mind of a very disturbed young woman. There is a certain matter-of-factness to her insanity and the way she horrifically treats people she meets that disturbed me to no end.

If you are willing to go along with what Pesce is trying to achieve and take in the perspective of the protagonist and alternatively her victims, then you'll get a lot out of this film, making its minimalist tone and sober style all the more impressive. Let the silences that force you to watch and take in the beautiful pictures Pesce paints wash over you and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable by this disturbing nightmare displayed before you.

Can't wait to see what this guy will get up to next.

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