The Guest

The Guest ★★★★

As a child of the eighties I am genetically primed to love the everloving crap out of this film.

And boy did I ever!

This reminded me of a gazillion trips to the video store where I rented movies I wasn't supposed to watch at the tender age of 12. Looking like a 6' yeti helped a lot in just renting whatever I wanted.

Wingard absolutely nails the eighties vibe without it becoming overbearing. This can only mean that he takes this stuff seriously and is passionate about going back to that era where there were these simple, effective genre movies that were as entertaining as they were bloody violent.

The soundtrack (which is absolutely brilliant), the acting, the aesthetics, the plot, they all just come together in a film I did not expect to have this much fun with and I did not expect to carry over that particular excitement I got when I watched films like it back in the day.

I'm off to watch a random Michael Dudikoff movie.

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