The Hunger Games

After leaving the theatre I felt confused, annoyed and, above all, bored.

The first question that sprang to mind was: 'Ok, so why are they called The Hunger Games?' This could of course (and probably has) have a lot to do with my limited IQ, but I just missed it I guess. My buddy tried to explain it to me, but he also wasn't really sure. Then someone behind me said: 'It's explained in the books.' Right. I haven't read the books, I went to this film so I don't have to read the books. Could it perhaps be that this film has a really bad script? I mean, what's up with all the food rationing? What's up with all the weird make up and silly facial hair? What's up with the arena? Is it a holo deck? Or are the people behind the Games Gods who can create fire and vicious dogs out of thin air? It's that or there are some really pissed off pixels out there. What's up with that Mocking Jay? What's up with all those frat boy psychos from district one and two? Don't know, it's probably all in the books.

What really annoyed me was Ross' direction. I've got one thing to say to him: STOP MOVING AND SHAKING THE GODDAMN CAMERA EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!! I see why you have to do this during the fighting scenes, to cover things up to get the correct rating. But you do it all the time. It's annoying. Stop that.

This film was about as interesting as watching a crippled snail do a 100 meter sprint, it is that mindbogglingly boring. The pacing is completely off, the visuals are drab and all the characters are cardboard. It just oozes a beigeness that is unlike anything I have recently seen, especially in such a big production. There was this one point I actually started rooting for the film to reinvent itself when the actual Games started, but no. More boring and predictable shenanigans in a forest this time.

The only good things here are Lawrence (who I adore) and Tucci's shiny white teeth.

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