The Perfection ★★★★

I love how this film from the first frame makes you feel uncomfortable and perfectly aware that you're about to enter a universe that will feel real and unreal at the same time.

The Perfection is an odd beast. What starts off as an off-kilter psychological horror story eventually starts to twist and turn into something else entirely, actually keeping you guessing in a pleasant way.

I'd say there are two things that make this work so well. Firstly it's the script and the way it cleverly reveals its secrets. I usually hate the 'let's rewind everything to explain what happened' effect. I often find it as lazy as voice overs, but here it's used in a way that actually supports the narrative and the effects it tries to achieve. I was never really sure where it was heading and I loved it, especially when it reached its nasty, gory and disturbing finale, with a final scene that is as beautiful as it is shocking.

And then there's the acting. It's just spot on in every scene without skipping a beat. The entire cast manages to find that difficult balance between over the top and realistic so well, it only adds to the grating feeling throughout that something is very wrong indeed.

The Perfection kept me intrigued throughout, made me flinch more than once and just entertained me to bits.