The Void

The Void ★★★★

When making a tribute to days gone by, it is often the best choice to not copy the films from that era but to try to get to the essence of them and subsequently make your own movie.

The Void understands this perfectly.

From the opening shot that leaves no doubt as to what you're watching till the final shot that made me remember so many brilliant Lovecraft inspired horror gems of the 80s, The Void garners its strength from such a strong sense of identity it is difficult to not be swept along in its nostalgic atmosphere.

Films like this are usually benefited from a strong build up, in which the emphasis first lies with trying to create an undercurrent of lurking dread, that sensation that anything can (and probably) will go wrong in the nastiest of ways. Gillespie and Kostanski's script takes these steps brilliantly and clearly steers towards something grotesque and unnerving and when it finally gets there it does not disappoint. There is a literal decent into hell and it's gnarly and glorious.

If I'd want to I'd probably be able to criticize a couple of things, but I'm not going to. See, the sheer nostalgic fun this film emanates through the brilliant practical effects, the outstanding soundtrack and the whole look and feel of the thing, that shared passion makes this film so hard to criticize.

It's just bloody good fun. With the emphasis on bloody.

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