Where the Wild Things Are ★★★★★

Jonze never ceases to amaze me...

I find this film to be a miraculous achievement considering the source material. I did not grow up with the picture book this film is based on as it is not well- known in my country. I stumbled on this picture book in my late twenties when I was working on my thesis on children's literature. I devoted an entire chapter to this book in order to illustrate the power of storytelling and effectiveness of powerful language. I loved this book and I wished I had been able to experience its full effects in my own childhood.

What Jonze has done with this tale of a disgruntled boy is pure magic. Not only does he understand the essence of the story, he manages to expand it and give it more depth. Children will appreciate the visual interpretation of the characters, adults will be touched by the nuance of the story. It's not for the kids per se, but it is most definitely about them and that lies at the root of understanding the power of this seemingly simple story.

I have never seen the power of imagination, the wonder and problems of being a kid and the warmth and necessity of family interpreted so beautifully as in this story and Jonze's interpretation of it.

Watching this still humbles me and still makes me want to run with the Wild Things.

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