You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here ★★★★½

Simply superb.

I love how Ramsay reminds us with this film that you don't need a lot to make audiences feel tense and uncomfortable.

In this lean, performance driven and exquisitely directed thriller, we are sucked into the world and mind of a damaged and traumatized individual. This is not some violence driven, hyper stylized revenge thriller, no this is a blunt, brutal and utterly gripping character study of a man slowly succumbing to his own nightmares.

Phoenix's performance is at outstanding as usual, but Ramsay's command of her own story and the way she presents it are the true stars of You Were Never Really Here. It's all about the snippets, the shards and flashes we get to see of our protagonist's past. Ramsay presents them as jarring jumps in his mind at associative moments, so short they more convey an emotion than an actual memory and as the narrative trots on they form a coherent sensation of this troubled mind we're allowed to peek into.

Another aspect I truly loved was the fact that this is a brutal film without being overtly graphic. Sure, there are a couple of scenes that'll make you flinch, but Ramsay's approach to the violence is never gratuitous. It has a more matter of fact feeling to it, making it all the more confrontational.

You Were Never Really Here had me captivated throughout. It alternates between the beats of a classic thriller and the sensibilities of human drama with impressive ease, making it a very memorable piece of art if you allow it in.